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What is Tribe Training with Coach Kris?

Let's get real, health is confusing. 

I remember starting out on my own health journey,  fitness magazines in hand, ready to tackle the "battle of the bulge" I was beginning to face, with a mind full of an unrealistic body image expectation and a fantasy timeline of what it was going to take to get me there.


To my dismay the articles I followed were incomplete advice. They were not written for my personal goals or for where I was in my fitness journey either. This in turn caused me to GAIN both size and weight . 

THIS wasn't helpful!

In your Tribe Training, I will not only give you all the tools you need to create the healthy body you wish to have, but I will teach you how to use each tool to its fullest potential without the need for dieting, excessive workouts, or deprivation.  

You will have daily accountability in the areas of your mindset, exercise tracking, and nutrition. Your effort doesn't have to be perfect either, but you do have to at least show up and try. 

Where could you be one year from now?

Sign up here to learn how to get started. 

Love & Strength,