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Loving You in '22

(video invite)


This training is for women in all seasons of life who are looking for an “easy button” approach in learning how to make their health & nutrition a priority without disrupting their everyday lives through the simple practicing of prioritization for 60 days. 



You will learn how to create your own weekly nutrition plans specific to both your health goals and your family’s taste preferences without having to cook double meals anymore. And don’t worry, you can still eat out and even indulge in a few desserts or adult beverages while getting healthier in this training.  


Each morning you will receive a new 5 minute journal prompt (or option to meditate) so you can start your day off with support and encouragement to reflect on throughout your day. 


If you are looking to slim your love handles, hips and thighs while building a strong back, core and shoulders, you can follow along with the featured exercise program that only requires the ability to stream (Smart TV, phone, table, computer), a pair of 1-2 pound dumbbells (or soup cans), a yoga mat and a set of resistance loops. This is a very low impact, high result yielding exercise program that is perfect for every body type, age, and even includes a modifier to follow for any joint injuries you may have.  


Tuesday evenings at 7pm CST is the group video check-in through ZOOM for weekly training over your health as a woman, tips to simplify your day-to-day life, and even ways to reconnect with who you are if you are feeling a little lost in this season of life. 


You will also have the option for additional one-on-one accountability each week. 



Simply click on this link before Feb. 7th to get signed-up. If this training does not feel like a fit for you at this time, but you have a friend who might be interested, would you mind forwarding this invitation to her?


There is no cost to join in on this Loving You In ‘22 training with the exception of the optional featured workout to follow and weekly one-on-one accountability sessions for added support. More on this topic later when we chat. 

Love & Strength, 

Coach Kris