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New Year Planning Session
December 21 &28th on ZOOM

The Full Story:
New Year Planning Session

It's that time of year again... resolution season.


Women, let's get real for a moment. 

You do ALL THA THINGS for everybody, every day.  Trust me, I get it!

Let's address the fact that we've all been guilty of setting ourselves up for failure by creating unrealistic resolutions in the past. This year, let's work together on creating a personalized roadmap to identify the specific things YOU want to change. From there we will map out how to get you to your goal while celebrating each "mile marker" of your progress.  


Join me in this hour-long session I've developed to help you gain confidence in directing your health journey so you can enter 2024 with the reduced stress that comes with having your plan on paper. 

The buy-in for this transformative session is a budget-friendly $35. 

It is open to all women who are motivated to replace their old habits that no longer serve them. 


There are 2 sessions available: December 21st and December 28th at 6pm CST. 

Both will be held online over a ZOOM conference call.


Alternatively, private sessions, either in-person or online, are available as well as private group sessions (must have a minimum of 8 women). 

Are you ready?!

Let’s Get To Work!

Get in touch with me, Coach Kris, so we can start working together.

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