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Coach Kris

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My Story

Oh man. Where do I even begin?! 

 Really, I have always had an interest in health.  Not so much as a "dieting" fan or even the type who "exercises for fun", but more along the lines of the girl who would buy the health magazine in the checkout line for workout tips and new recipes. But I got tired of the chicken, broccoli, rice bit or recipes full of odd ingredients that my store didn't carry. 

This interest of mine turned into a part-time job in 2008 as a Personal Trainer where I mainly trained fellow professional firefighters with their training and nutrition at my department I work for here in Texas; as heart attack and stroke are the top 2 leading causes of death in a firefighter from stress.  I didn't like training in the gym because I couldn't stand how expensive it was for my clients who had to pay their monthly dues AND pay for time with me.  I just don't feel that healthy should be so expensive!

For most of my life, staying fit has been pretty easy for me... until motherhood.  Unlike most new moms, postpartum hit me late.  I managed to delay the denial that I was a Special Needs Mom for 3 years, but when it caught up to me, it hit me hard.  I found comfort over these years in isolation and had turned to food to soothe the pain of scrolling other mother's happy lives on social media.  I battled with emotional eating until NOTHING in my closet fit anymore!


It was during one of my many "Mommy Meltdown Moments", balled in the corner of my shower, sobbing and praying, that I was faced with a challenged to remember a time in my life when I felt happy.  When you're depressed, this is a difficult task.  The joy of being a mom was outweighed with the guilt I carried for somehow causing my son's intellectual disability.  As I took a trip down memory lane, searching my soul for answers, exhausted from the tears, my heart rested on the memory of helping other's with their struggle of understanding fitness.  


A forgotten grin cracked across my face and my tears dried with purpose this time around.  I love to teach health and fitness on a very why-basic and personally applicable kind of way.  And while I couldn't help myself in my own struggles, I could be damn sure not let any of my friends struggle alone the way I had.  Simply put, I could be the friend I wished I'd had. 


I fired up my health & fitness journey and got back to training folks, but due to my special need schedule, I moved it all online which actually suited the busy lives of my clients better than I realized.  I feel that creating a healthy lifestyle is SO much more than just exercise and food.  It's building yourself from the inside out: mind, body & nutrition, being involved in a relatable community, having that one-on-one accountability, and giving yourself grace through effort over perfection. 


New training sessions begin the first week of every month, so let's get you signed up now so you can feel ready to get started on Day 1. 

Love & Strength, 

Coach Kris

Firefighter/ Paramedic

Nutrition & Exercise Coach

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